Feel free to download and print the posters and infoboards on this page. If you have a good poster or infoboard you've created and would like to share it with others on this site, please contact us.

Download and print out the information poster boards We Are Change has been using for years. Bring them with you to NYC to use as signs and for street actions, or start a street action in your own area.

There are ten boards to choose from. You can also use this as a template to create your own info boards.

The WTC Debris Pattern
9/11 and Iraq: The Illusive Link
What Happened to our Air Defense?
Bin Laden Not Wanted for 9/11!
Explosive Evidence
What Do We Know About the Hijackers?
The Israeli Connection
Active Thermitic Material Discovered
Operation Northwoods: The Precedent
The Unexplained Collapse of WTC7
The Uncertain Fate of United 93
What Went Down at the Pentagon?

Download all 12 PDF's in one zip file

Download and print out our posters and use them for protests, marches, and street actions. Feel free to cover the Ground Zero URL and put in your favorite resource to point people to.

All three posters are in PDF format and are 18" wide by 24" high. Download the PDF's by clicking on the images.